Wanna spend?

Want to spend under 10 dollars on a gift for someone? Like that person a lot? How about $20? Or $50? Would $100 be better?

I've come across a great website: WannaSpend.com.

You fill out how much you are willing to spend, and it generates results based on your preference. You can choose 'exact', 'under', or 'about' the amount you specified. 

It also lets you choose which categories you want to search from, such as: 
Gadgets, funny, WTF, home, pets, novelty, tools, and so on.

I love this site. It's a unique way to look for new products that I would otherwise never have thought to look for, or even knew existed. I mean, who knew a magnetic light switch was a thing? Or this wonderful outdoor heated cat shelter?

It looks like my bank account is going to be a wee bit barren for the next little while.

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