Make a hundred bucks co signing this guy's student loan.

Yeeeeah... because that doesn't sound like a horrible idea. Never co sign anything for anyone (unless its someone you are a 100% sure won't screw you over), especially not for a stranger off Kijiji.

Make quick $100 co sign student loan
Hi, I am looking for someone to co sign a student loan for me. I am in university in 4th year and only have one semester left. I have a government student loan but it is being held because I have an outstanding balance of $1,400. The bank said that I could get a student loan from them to pay the outstanding balance but it requires a co signer, which is where you come in. My parents don't have credit and all my friends only had it for a little while (if they do have one). I will be paying the loan off myself (of coarse) and am willing to pay this person $100 as a thank you.Please contact me for more information, and thank you in advance.

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