Sleep is for the weak and sickly.

So I'm employed now! Leaves me very little time for much else. Since I have benefits from my fiance's job, I've been taking advantage of it and have had a million dentist's and such appointments.

Good news: I have no cavities (yay!) I could have sworn I would have a million of them. Even though I am OCD about flossing and brushing my teeth. I had a root canal once and from then on I never wanted to go through (or pay for) that again.

Bad news: I apparently have a wisdom tooth trying to budge its way between my furthest upper back molar and the second one after that. I can feel them slowly growing further and further apart. I'm going to need to have it extracted. Not looking forward to that. I had one wisdom tooth removed when I was in college but it had already broke through the skin and was an easy removal. 
I wonder if I have to be awake during the procedure. Something tells me there will be a lot of blood..?

I'm also covered slightly for vision care. Which is good because I'm going blind. I got new glasses last year and immediately after I got them my vision was still crap. Vision care isn't covered very well. It covers 100 dollars for an eye exam and 200 dollars towards anything that I need for glasses/contacts/laser correction over a two year period. Considering my glasses cost me over $500 last year that isn't very helpful. Better than nothing I suppose.

I'm also moving out of my shat-tacular apartment in a week. I cannot emphasize how much I am looking forward to getting out of here. We had someone throw a dustpan full of barf over their balcony and it landed onto ours. Some stranger's puke is now covering my patio chairs and table.
 The dog crap (I hope its dog crap and not human) in the stairwell isn't very pleasant to deal with either.

We also have issues with getting parcels delivered to us. It seems like they just give up when they can't reach us through the intercom (which rarely works) and they don't leave a notice or phone call to tell us where to pick it up. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a package from Ren's Pet Depot and have just been informed it was supposedly delivered 2 weeks ago by Purolator. Hmm! I have no idea where it is and neither do they.  This happens semi regularly and has only ever happened to us at this apartment building.

7 days until our new townhome with a backyard for my dog (and cat and rabbit!)


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