Hello, November.

I'm a bee!
It's been 2 months since my last entry. What's been keeping me so busy?


Mr. Leo is a little hellion. He's grown up so fast in the last 2 months. November 19th he'll be six months old and he's already outgrown his crate and harness. Last we weighed him he was 8.5 lbs. I'm guessing he is around 10 lbs or over now. We have an appointment set up mid-November for him to get neutered, I'm curious to see how big he's gotten.
His mother was roughly 14 lbs so he can potentially be the same.

I'm half hoping getting him neutered will help curb his dominance. He is a very dominant dog. It's not a bad thing but it would make life easier if he weren't so stubborn and bossy. I'm working really hard to reign him in. He's a good pup, just needs to learn who is boss around here.

I dressed my pets up in costumes this year.

Why am I the hot dog?

 My cat Jelly was a hot dog. She didn't like her costume as much as Leo did.

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