After moving to a new city recently, I've been unemployed. There's nothing worse than being unemployed. Unless you are a parent, in which case you already have a tougher duty than most people.

Seeing as I don't have any children, and all I'm responsible for (at the moment) is my cat and rabbit, being unemployed makes me feel useless and without a purpose. I need somewhere to go everyday or something worthwhile to do.

I'm also getting tired of my fiance dangling a 20 dollar note above my head and asking me "Do you want this?" like I'm 8 years old and trying to get my toy back from a bully. 

I have my sculpting, but until that becomes a little more profitable I need steady employment.

I've been job searching for 2 months now, with no luck. No call backs, no emails, nothing.

Monday I applied to a couple new want ads I saw on Job Bank. The next day I hear back from both! Haha, what is with that. It's awesome, but really!

I got an email from one place describing the job, telling me if I'm interested to resend my resume and cover letter. The other job called me explaining the job and asked if I'm still interested. I said yes to both, of course. They both said if I'm a good fit that they'll contact me for a phone interview, and then for a full face-to-face interview.

There's nothing worse than interviews, and now I potentially have 4 of them! They may not get backed to me for a couple weeks, as well. I'm one of those people who worry and obsess about these kinds of things. I'd rather just get it over with then have a long stretching period before something happens.

I'm going to be glued to my cell phone in case they call, so I don't miss it.

At least I heard back! :)

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