This is Leo.

 The dog I've been waiting 4 years for :) He's a black Pomeranian puppy that we got last Friday. He is about 13 weeks old, he's going through the puppy uglies, and he is quite a handful. He's learning where to potty and is comfortable with being on a leash now.

We took him to the vet earlier this week and he has an ear infection so I have to put Epi-Otic into his ears every other day. That should be fun, considering he struggled so much with the vet.

The vet found out he also also has a bit of a heart murmur, but that is apparently not uncommon with puppies. Some of them grow out of it, and even if they don't it could end up not being a major issue.

On Friday my cat had this "what the ef is that thing?" look on her face, but she's starting to get used to Leo. He keeps trying to initiate playing with her and she hisses and swipes at him.

Our dwarf rabbit has no issues with him at all. In fact we set up his crate beside her pen so he'd get used to her and she isn't afraid of him whatsoever. He has no interest in her, too, which is a good thing.

I was worried he might be affected by the loud construction our building has been undergoing, but he seems unphased by it. We're more affected by the noise then Leo is :P

Off I go to let him out for a pee.

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