Something old. Quelque chose vieux.

In one of my previous posts, I was saying how just because something is old, doesn't mean its worth money.

I found this eBay Guide written by Peter Combs called "Evaluating Antiques, What Every Non Dealer Should Know"

I'll post the points he made that I found particularly enlightening.

"Just because something is old….doesn’t mean it is worth much. Visit a landfill.
Just because your great-grandmother owned it doesn’t mean it is worth anything."

Yep, I agree one hundred percent. It likely has sentimental value, that's all.

"Old computers are worth nothing."
I wonder if this will change in fifty years or so when the computer age has progressed in years and those old computers become rarer and rarer?

"The term 18th Century Means 1700 to 1799, 19th Century means 1800 to 1899…ok!"
This has always confused me, and I always end up looking it up. I know the 18th century isn't the 1800s, but I can never remember if its the previous century or the next century, such as 1700s or the 1900s.

"Collector Plates are worth nothing..OK..nothing."
This is surprising to me. I had a friend during my school years whose mother had a set of Disney collector's plates.One of our mutual friends accidentally broke one of the dishes. She felt like a major a-hole as the friend's mother was always going on about how these dishes were going to pay for her daughter's college education. Guess her mother would have been better off putting away money instead of investing in value-less collector plates.

"Never lift anything by the top. If it has a handle, don't use it. It will probably break off."
Wise words.

"Elderly People Lie to their families about how valuable their Antiques are. {Almost always}. I don't know why they do...but they do 95% of the time."
Aww, this makes me sad. They probably do it because it has sentimental value, or because they want to justify why they've been hanging onto it all these years.

"Its Illegal to sell used mattresses, not to mention the very idea is disgusting."
Who would try to sell an old mattress as an antique? I've sold and bought used mattresses on Kijiji (you gotta do what you gotta do when you're poor and in college!) but they were clean and new within the decade.

"Nearly all taxidermy items are Illegal to sell at auction. If it came from Africa it is 100% Illegal."
With good reason. You don't want to encourage people to kill already endangered animals. Although I'm sure there is a black market for that type of thing even if it is illegal.

"Scrub Boards are worth $5.00 or less…"
Well that's good because I've been looking to buy one. Hand washing your clothes in the kitchen sink is hard work. Too bad a mangle isn't that cheap.

"Rarity does not mean valuable."
It all depends on whether there is someone out there who wants to buy what you have.

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