Expired pills for all.

I decided to sort through and organise my pill drawer today. There are bottles of things I've been hanging onto for years, and some of them needed to be discarded because they were passed their expiry dates. Like waaay past. I found a bottle of hoodia that expired in 2009. Never really worked anyways, I don't know why I felt the need to hold on to it for so long.

I came across a bottle of Smoothie King's Power Fruit All-Day Energy Rapid Boost dietary supplements I have. I'm not sure where it came from because I sure as hell don't remember buying this. It doesn't have any french on the bottle, either, so it must not be from Canada.

 I'm not quite sure what the purpose of this stuff is. The bottle doesn't state what it should deliver, the only clue comes from the name of the supplements.

"All Day Energy" I suppose means it promises to give you lasting stamina for the entire day, and "Rapid Boost" I'm assuming means it will work quickly.

It contains the following as its active ingredients:

  • Niacin (35mg)
  • Pomegranate powder (10mg)
  • "Vitaberry tropical Hi-ORAC Blend" (125mg), which contains coffee powder, acerola powder, camu-camu powder, quercetin, acai powder, mangosteen powder
  • "NutraBerry Pure Fruit Blend" (125mg) which contains blueberry powder, black berry powder, cranberry powder, raspberry powder, strawberry powder
  • and finally probably the only ingredient that actually does anything is natural caffeine (135mg)

A few of the ingredients were unfamiliar to me so I looked them up.
  • Acerola powder comes from the fruit of a Barbados cherry tree. Very high in vitamin C and is better absorbed by humans than synthetic vitamin C.
  • Camu-camu powder comes from the Camu Camu tree in the Amazon rainforest, and its fruit is also very high in vitamin C. According to this site  it has thirty times more vitamin C than an orange.
  • Quercetin is an anti-oxidant that is naturally found in many foods such as onions, capers, citrus fruits, tomatoes, apples, green and black tea, red wine, gingko biloba, and the list goes on and on.

The directions state: "Take one liquid soft-gel in the morning and one in the afternoon with food, when needed. If caffeine keeps your [sic] up at night, do not take this product in the evening as it contains natural caffeine."

I took one and it took about an hour to kick in. There wasn't anything particularly special about it. Nothing that a cup of coffee or a caffeine pill couldn't provide. In fact I think those work more quickly than this stuff does.

Out of curiosity, I took a knife to the pill and some disgusting black-brown goo oozed out. I tried to show my fiance and he told me to get away from him. I guess he doesn't find the poo-like innards of pills as interesting as I do.

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