Coffee break. Pause-café.

Oh my goodness. I think my fiance's caffeine addiction has rubbed off on me. I've been having trouble waking up these last few mornings.

Today, I spent probably half an hour just trying to sit up in bed and open my eyes, then another half hour dragging my feet to the kitchen to get some coffee.

My brain doesn't turn on until I have a cup now. I'm so slow drinking it, it gets cold when there is still half a mug left. I can't stand cold coffee, unless it was meant to be cold.

He makes it super strong so its probably a good thing I only drink half a cup. I don't know how he can drink five of those and still feel tired. Oh, wait. I do know. He's built up a tolerance for it :P

I was at my sister's last weekend, and she showed me a neat little trick. Shake your carton of cream up for about 30 seconds before you pour it, and you get quick homemade foam for your coffee.
Boo urns!

Although it doesn't appear to work when using Neilson brand half and half. Way to make a liar out of me!

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